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  • What is Kwiknic and who is it for?
    • KWIKNIC is a nicotine based chewing gum. It is an option for people who wish to quit their tobacco habit. It works on the principle of Nicotine Replacement Therapy and helps reduce the urge for tobacco. As and when you consume Kwiknic, you get the refreshing taste of its flavour along with some nicotine delivered to your body, this helps stop the urge for tobacco. Kwiknic is sold in a convenient on the go box that is equipped with tissue paper, which promotes hygeinic disposal of the used gums. Kwiknic comes in a 2 mg dosage format and is available in 2 tasty flavors - Mint and Paan. Kwiknic is for current users for tobacco who wish to cut down / quit their tobacco consumption. Do not consume Kwiknic if you are not a tobacco consumer. Consult your doctor before consuming Kwiknic, if you are below 18 years of age, pregnant, breast feeding or having any medical condition or taking medicines.
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  • What is Nicotine Replacement Therapy?
    • NRT is a method of substituting the nicotine in tobacco products by an approved nicotine delivery product so that the tobacco user does not have uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms upon stopping the tobacco product. The dose of NRT should be monitored and gradually reduced to make the process of cessation comfortable for the tobacco user. Nicotine gums acts as an oral substitute and provide a source of nicotine that reduces the withdrawal symptoms experienced when tobacco use is stopped. It is recommended to gradually reduce the amount of nicotine gums by 1 piece every four-seven days. Avoid using nicotine gums for durations longer than 3 months. The leaflet enlosed in the pack can be referred to for the recommended dosage schedule.
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  • How should I consume Kwiknic?
    • Step 1: CHEW - Chew Kwiknic like any other gum till the taste becomes strong.
      Step 2: RELISH - Rest the gum between cheek and teeth till the taste fades.
      Step 3: REPEAT - Chew the gum normally and repeat the cycle.
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  • What are the precautions to follow when using Kwiknic?
    • • Avoid eating & drinking for 15 minutes before and during chewing of KWIKNIC
      • Do not use removable dentures while chewing KWIKNIC
      • Consult your doctor prior to using KWIKNIC
      • If you are pregnant, breast-feeding, or below 18 years of age
      • If you have any medical condition
        - including uncontrolled blood pressure, stomach ulcer, kidney or liver diseases, heart or circulation problems, allergies,   inflammation of mouth, overactive thyroid, adrenal gland cancer or if you are insulin dependant
      - If you are taking any medicine including those containing theophylline, tacrine, clozapine or ropinirol
      • If you have had previous reactions to gums or other nicotine containing products
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  • What are the side effects of Kwiknic?
    • May induce headache, nausea, hiccups, vomiting, throat irritation, dyspepsia, excess salivation, sore mouth or throat, jaw muscle ache and sleep disturbance.
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  • Are there any storage instructions for Kwiknic?
    • Store in a cool dry place. Protect from Light. Keep away from children. Check expiry date before consuming.
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  • How much does Kwiknic 2mg cost?
    • A pack of Kwiknic 2 mg of 10 gums costs Rs. 50 and a pack of 6 gums costs Rs. 30.
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  • Where can I purchase Kwiknic 2mg?
    • Kwiknic 2mg is available in leading chemists and select paan shops once it has been launched in your town.
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