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A ready-to-use vaping device that does not produce smoke, tar or ash, EON gives you the "pleasure of smoking" without actually smoking virtually anytime anywhere.

Powered by Nico-Flo technology, EON comes with the unmatched promise of quality that ITC is famed for. Enjoy a superior vaping experience with unique flavours created by master blenders of ITC.

Get ready to make a statement by flaunting the stylish "Trigger Pack", which will surely add to your cool quotient and make you the talk of town!

Available in two variants – Rich Flavour and Menthol, one EON e-vape lasts for approximately 250 puffs whereas a king-sized cigarette lasts for approximately 8 puffs under standard laboratory conditions.

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How It works

When a vaper draws on EON, it triggers the in-built sensor, activating the MaxCharge Battery. This powers the Eonizer, which vapourizes the NicoPlus Liquid. A smooth stream of vapour flows out through the Soft Tip as the LED glows.

Soft Tip

EON e-vapes come with a Soft Tip to give you a delightful vaping experience.


The NicoPlus liquid is a proprietary blend, a combination of quality ingredients and unique flavours created by the master blenders of ITC for a superior vaping experience.


The Eonizer holds and protects the NicoPlus liquid. It also houses the atomizer.

MaxCharge Battery

The MaxCharge battery in EON powers the Eonizer. It is manufactured under stringent standards and ensures consistent performance and longer battery life. It lets you enjoy your EON for an extended duration.

LED tip

The LED tip glows bright every time you draw on your EON e-vape. When the LED starts blinking, it's time to get a new e-vape.

Nico-Flo Technology

Nico-Flo technology ensures a seamless flow of vapour for an unmatched, classy experience that is free of smoke.

-Rich Flavour-

A unique flavour of NicoPlus liquid with a rich and
satisfying taste


A refreshing flavour of NicoPlus liquid
derived from mint

Trigger pack

Making a statement is effortless with EON e-vapes. Style and convenience come together in this sleek and classy Trigger Pack that is light and fits easily into your shirt pocket. Simply press on the side to slide out the stick, remove the mouthcap and vape on.

EON-ologyA Guide to Vaping

  • E-vape

    A battery powered device that produces vapour and not smoke, tar or ash.

  • Vaping

    (Derived from vapour)
    The act of using an electronic vaping device. Users are called vapers.

  • Vapour

    It is produced from the atomization of the NicoPlus liquid.

  • Nico-Flo Technology

    Eon e-vapes are powered by Nico-Flo technology, which ensures that you get a smooth and seamless flow of vapour.

  • NicoPlus Liquid

    Proprietary combination of high quality ingredients – propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerine (VG), nicotine and unique flavourings prepared by the master blenders of ITC.

  • Eonizer

    Holds the NicoPlus liquid and the atomizer, which vapourizes the liquid using Nico-Flo Technology.

  • MaxCharge Battery

    The High Quality Lithium Ion battery that powers the Eonizer.