Get rid of smoking habit speedily and efficiently with e-cigarette options!

Smoking is indeed precarious to your health. This health cautionary is flung at us all day, every day, everywhere. But, smokers scarcely pin their ears back, let alone distinguish this warning. Smoking causes an endless number of complications: from issues with the lungs, heart, skin and teeth as well. This is why you should shoo away the habit now, even if you feel just okay with it. For people like you, buying an electronic cigarette starter kit can be like a blessing, making "quit smoking" motive a cakewalk!

As electronic cigarettes have become progressively more popular, they are massively used to smoke in pubs and clubs with a smoking ban. Electronic cigarettes come across as the next gigantic thing and may soon supplant real cigarettes in clubs. With this aim on the cards, ITC takes pride in its vast array e-cigarettes such as e-cigarette, eon e-vape rich flavor, menthol flavor, etc.

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The Charge Kit

The EON Charge Kit comes with 1 ready-to-use Electronic Vaping device (Rich Flavour), 1 free additional cartridge and a USB charger

USB Charger

EON Charge Kit comes with a free USB Charger to recharge the battery. The battery is connected to the charger and the charger is connected to a power source. The LED on the USB charger glows red to indicate charging and green when the battery is fully charged. Use only EON Charge USB chargers for best battery output. EON Charge battery can be recharged approximately 200 times.

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Flavour Cartridge

EON Charge cartridges are sold separately in convenient packs of 2. It contains NICOPLUS e-cigarette liquid, ITC's proprietary blend, and a combination of quality ingredients prepared by the master blenders of ITC for a superior vaping experience. Use only EON cartridges with your EON Charge for best results.

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Cartridge Replacement

Remove the cartridge from the battery. Push the new cartridge to connect and click with the battery. Dispose empty cartridge responsibly.
Every EON Charge cartridge lasts for about 250 puffs** (A cigarette lasts for about 8 puffs under standard laboratory conditions).

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